30 years of experience growing and cultivating cannabis has come together to bring you some of the highest quality seeds from Dutch Passion. These seeds include a wide variety of strains for you to grow at home. This includes standard seed mixes, feminized varieties that don’t require you to sort through the plants to find the useless male plants, and autoflowering plants that are incredibly easy to start growing, even for those who are new to gardening or only do so casually and in small quantities. Dutch Passion was established in Amsterdam in 1987, making it one of the oldest cannabis seedbanks. The company remains one of the leading suppliers of high quality cannabis and a top innovator, including the invention of feminized seeds. Feminized seeds means home-growers don’t need to worry about male or mother plants to create more cannabis, only needing enough to create what they want to use either medicinally or recreationally. Also available for sale from Dutch Passion are regular mixes of seeds that have not been feminized. These are available for the more serious growers who want to experiment with breeding. Unfeminized seeds allow you to create your own varieties and strains of cannabis by providing both male and female plant seeds needed. Create your own crossbred plants and create completely new strains that have never been seen before! The harvested crop grown from certain seeds can be used to fulfill a number of needs, including helping to reduce pain, reverse loss of appetite, or help ease some of the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. They’re also great for enjoying recreationally, being great fun at parties or just with a small group of friends. Order your Dutch Passion seeds online from Mister Maka and have them delivered right to your doorstep, so you can get growing as soon as possible!

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